Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Bit of Wisdom from Mr. Chambers

This can be found in Oswald Chamber's book The Highest Good. One could say this is his take on "chronological snobbery." Enjoy:

The reason we do not see the need to be born from above is that we have a vast capacity for ignoring facts. People talk about the evolution of the race. The writers of today seem to be incapable of a profound understanding of history; they write glibly about the way the race is developing; where are their eyes and their reading of human life as it is? We are not evolving and developing in any sense to justify what is known as evolution. We have developed in certain domains but not in all. We are nowhere near the massive, profound intellectual grasp of the people who lived before Christ was born. What brain today can come near Plato or Socrates? And yet people say we are developing and getting better, and we are laying the flattering unction to our souls that we have left Jesus Christ and His ideas twenty centuries behind. No wonder Jesus said that if we stand by Him and take His point of view, people will hate us as they hated Him.