Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Coming Idiocy

The following is from a facebook site set against gay marriage. This was a comment posted on one of the site's discussion groups. I will not give the person's name, but they are a highschooler (which probably explains alot).
Read carefully:

"I, though, am not here to disprove the Bible's stance. I'm here to disprove the Bible.
It was not. based. on. historical. fact. I cannot stress this enough. It is no more based on historical fact than The Chronicles of Narnia. Granted, the Bible may contain some worthwhile moral lessons, teachings, and parables, many of which have concrete applications to our modern lifestyle.
However, most of it is 2000-year-old superstition that has no place in this century. The Bible, which was written approximately 80 years after the death of Christ, and not by any of his apostles or their relatives, has not only been extremely diluted from its ORIGINAL incorrect message, is not a book to base your life on.
God has not presented himself to anybody here, I am willing to fairly say. (If you have seen God, please submit yourself to the nearest hospital for medical care. You very well may be insane.) They have accepted his book based on faith and practice, nothing more. If you were not raised Christian, I'd bet fairly that you would not be today. (If you converted, it makes you that much stronger. You are still incorrect, though.)
You have accepted God and the Bible based on faith. (I.E. blind trust.) Not perception, reason, rational thought, or fact.
I surely cannot disprove God. But you cannot disprove invisible unicorns, or dragons living on other planets, or flying spaghetti monsters that have divine power. Yet I worship none of these things."

Thus is the next generation. Thus is The Coming Idiocy, i.e., the legitimizing of Dorothy Sayers' criticisms in her essay "The Dogma is the Drama". I'm sure anyone with a knucklehead's understanding of history or theology could blow this kid to pieces. That, however, is the problem. Christianity has so terribly dropped the ball of apologetics and basic teachings of dogma over the last century that the common man can now sound like a fool and get away with it. Shame on us, the salt and light of the world, for allowing foolishness to pass so far as wisdom. Shame on us all.
The person who posted this coment is part of the next generation, folks. Maybe they're not of the majority...maybe. But they're there, and the idiocy is coming. We must stand against it where'er its floods try to rise.