Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Further Comment to Master Jenkins

In regards to the loss of "hardcore" doctrines:

I suppose it is moot to say that no one takes "hardcore" doctrines seriously anymore, i.e., are "hardcore" about it.
Man, how we need people like that again. A hardcore Trinitarian like Lewis told (as best as he could) all the mysteries of the Trinity, and incorporated all of his journeys into his writings; and when you read his writings, you begin to think that all this "Christian" stuff in most churches today is half-baked. Lewis' writings could lick relevancy movements dry precisely because they let lose the full fury and glory of the truth about what we believe. All the Inklings did the same. Few are there now that do the same; few are the beautiful feet that bring the good news that heaven has wedded to earth, that the sky has rejoined the world, that myth become fact, that the Word became flesh. It is all lost under a stinking pile of sentimental rubbish and selfish consumerism.
(sigh)...I've been reading Chesterton lately...it's been fun.