Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mr. Chambers on the Haphazard and God

This is from Oswald's book He Will Glorify Me:

"One great thing to notice is that God's order comes to us in the haphazard. We try to plan our ways and work things out for ourselves, but they go wrong because there are more facts than we know; whereas if we just go with the days as they come, we find that God's order comes to us in that apparently haphazard way. Anyone who does not know God depends entirely on his or her own wits and forecasting.
"If instead of arranging our own programs we will trust to the wisdom of God and concentrate all our efforts on the duty that lies nearest, we shall find that we meet God in that way and in no other. When we become amateur providences and arrange times and meetings, we may cause certain things to happen, but we very rarely meet God in that way; we meet Him most effectively as we go on in the ordinary ways. Where you look for God, He does not appear; where you do not look for Him, there He is--a trick of the weather, a letter, and suddenly you are face to face with the best thing you ever met."