Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Response for Master Jenkins to "A"

The context for this response can be found here.

The YouTube link mentioned can be found here. I suggest you watch it first.

I watched the YouTube link, and although I personally found it funny, clever, and quite enjoyable, I find myself lead to dispute the claim of "A" that "it is indisputable that these guys are more effective in our culture for the cause of Christ than some archaic creed." My grounds for dispute is that Christ is never mentioned or discussed, nor is the gospel message mentioned once. I would argue that the song isn't even primarily about the Bible...er..."Book" itself but about "Southpaw's" attraction to strong Christian girls. That's a nice thought, but hardly evangelistic, and hence not at all affective for the cause of Christ.
"Whens the last time some Creed led a person in the prayer of salvation?" Um...try EVERY time. Those "archaic" Creeds are practically the gospel themselves: they explain quickly and effectively who Christ is and what He did (as well as Who God is and What the church is). They are, perhaps, the greatest contextualization of the gospels, if not the whole theme of the Bible itself. "A" seems (as far as I can tell...I could be wrong) to be showing a severe lack of understanding of what the Creeds actually are and say.