Thursday, April 26, 2007

So I was thinking about Lack Placid...

Do you remember Lake Placid? You know: crappy monster movie about a giant alligator? I was thinking about how much I despised Oliver Platt's character. He was some biologist/treehugger who spouted things like "alligators were once worshiped as gods!" and how alligators are superior to us (we invented computers, but can we do a death roll? I think not).
Of course, the big problem PETA-ites like Platt's character have is when humans encroach (a negative term for land development) upon animal territory. I do not understand this. If I ran up to a PETA-ite and cried, "Help! There was this grizzly minding its own business when another bear encroached upon its territory and when the first bear tried to fight him off the second bear FOUGHT BACK! We must DO something! Picket the second bear!" they would probably think I was nuts (which coming from them is pretty bad) and mumble something about "law of the jungle" or "survival of the fittest" or something. However, replace "second bear" with "human," and the war is on, which makes one wonder: are PETA-ite's wars for animal rights based more on their love of animals, or more on their hatred of humans?

(Side note for movie buffs: I am one of those people that liked the Roland character from The Lost World: Jurassic Park)